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Monday, April 25, 2011

Coupon embarrassment?

I have to bring this up because it seems that some people are afraid to save. Are you embarrassed to use coupons when shopping or dining out? Do you stick coupons back in your wallet or purse if you see someone you know while shopping? There is no reason to be embarrassed to save. It is 2011, the economy isn't at its best, and if you don't realize it, everyone wants to save. Ask five of your friends if they included "saving money" in their resolutions this year. You'd be surprised at how many actually did. I've used coupons when dining out, traveling, shopping online and at the grocery store. I love to save. I'm not embarrassed at all to use coupons. I've seen people stick coupons back in their purses because they probably thought that I would say something about it, but all I would've done was ask their source because I want to save as well. I always share my sources with others, but some are still ashamed to use coupons.

Advice for those that face embarrassment:

● Next time you see a friend when you're out using coupons, recommend that they use them as well.
● Be proud that you are saving money and use coupons with confidence.
● Brag to others about how much you saved and they will eventually want more details.

1 comment:

Toyin O. said...

There is no shame in using coupon, I am suprised anyone will be ashamed of that. They must be rich people:)